Single Vision is a fellowship group comprised of 40+ singles who have never married or who are divorced or widowed. Their primary purpose in meeting is to encourage and support one another as followers of Christ.

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Sunday Lunch Schedule

Meet us at the restaurant around 12:15 or so. The reservation will be under “CFC Singles.” Look for CFC SINGLES signs on tables.

April 28 Carousel Restaurant- 5115 Monroe Avenue (turn at light after Washington Square Mall)

May 5 Logan's Roadhouse- N Burkhardt Road (Lloyd & Burkhardt by McDonalds)

May 12 Gatti-Town- 316 N. Green River Road (by Toys R Us)

May 19 El Rio Mexican Cuisine- 1919 N Green River Road (north of Morgan Avenue by Laz-y-boy)

May 26 Bandana’s Bar-B-Q- 6636 Logan Drive (in front of Lowe’s parking lot close to Morgan Avenue beside Eye Mart)