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Uganda team in Beautiful Feet Class

Come hear from the short-term team that traveled to Uganda. They visited the Hope for Uganda School in Rakai as well as other schools and prisons. They'll report on their trip on Sunday, July 21… Read more


Central Asia Team in Beautiful Feet Class

The team of ladies who traveled to Central Asia to work alongside the Babushka ministry will report on their trip in Beautiful Feet Class on Sunday, July 28 at 10:45 in Room 332 in the balcony. If… Read more


Picnic, Baptism, and Pool Party at Burdette

This is a fun night for everyone who is a part of the CFC Family before school starts! … Read more


Small Group Leader Training

This 2-session small group leader training is for both new and existing group leaders at either 9:15 or 10:45AM on August 11 and 18. … Read more


Grief Share Starts

If you've lost a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, or another loved one, it may be hard to find people who understand the hurt that you feel. … Read more

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