Mission Trips

Poland 2019

We partner with the Polish Christian Association at this English camp for teens in a beautiful mountain village. Team members connect with teens and share our faith through classes, arts, crafts,… Read more

Bolivia 2019

The team will work with the Gather Network and their local missionaries in Bolivia working in community development in local villages. Anyone of college age and above interested in participating in… Read more

Dominican Republic Fall 2019 Dental

This trip will serve the community of La Cola. A part of the team will provide dental services and a part of the team will be involved in the community teaching community development skills and… Read more

Build Your Own Trip

If you’d like to go on a short term trip, either domestic or international, but the locations or dates of these trips aren’t a good fit for you, we’ll help you Build A Trip. There… Read more

Disciple Trip Reactivation Application Form

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