1. Fill out an application - The Worship Team application covers general
information about your musical experience and your personal walk with
Christ that will help us get to know you better. You can find the application
at onlinecfc.com/worship-team-application

2. Set up an interview - After you fill out the application, you will receive a
copy of the Worship Team handbook and will be asked to set up an
interview with me (Joe Effinger). The interview will give you an opportunity
to ask questions and discuss the handbook and your application (music
experience, testimony, etc.) in more detail.

3. Attend a rehearsal – Rehearsals are Monday nights from 6:45-8:30 PM
Vocalists meet at 6:15 to go over voice parts. It is our hope that this would
give you more insight into all of the preparation and elements that go into
practicing and preparing for weekend services. If you plan on attending
one, just send me a quick email so that I know you are coming.

4. Audition - After attending a rehearsal, you will set up a time to
audition. You will be given songs to prepare prior to the audition and will be
required to play and/or sing using in-ear monitors and click/metronome.
After completion of these steps and provided that you and I feel like you are
ready, you will be added to the rotation. After your 3rd time serving on a weekend,
I will follow up with you to offer feedback and see how you are doing. At this
point, we will together determine if worship team is a good fit for you long-term.

Qualifications for Interested Instrumentalists:

  • Be willing to take instruction from the director
  • Be able to read chord charts and lead sheets
  • Be able to play well with metronome/click and team
  • Be punctual
  • Have necessary gear
  • Be able to access Planning Center either through the website or app

Qualifications for Interested Vocalists:

  • Be willing to follow/take direction from the director
  • Be able to sing on pitch and hear parts easily
  • Be able to sing with metronome/click and the team
  • Be able to sing in a contemporary worship style
  • Be punctual
  • Be able to access Planning Center either through the website or app