You're in 1 of 2 Categories

Most, if not all of you, fall into 1 of 2 categories: Someone who has experienced and found the online picture directory helpful or someone who has yet to engage with it.

If you have found it helpful, you can always update your picture and info by filling out the form at the link below. If you have yet to be a part of the online directory, we want to encourage you to make that happen. It really is a valuable tool for you and others, and it certainly is a great resource for our staff and elders. Only those who are in the directory are given access to view it with a login and password. We have added additional protocols and parameters to keep it safe. It’s super easy; you fill out a form where you also upload your picture, and we do the rest. We'll give you access and instructions on how to login and utilize it on either your computer or your mobile device. 

Can’t wait for you to be in the directory by taking 3 minutes and filling out the form HEREIf you need help uploading your picture, bring it to the Connection Center this weekend.