You Blew Us Away

Church Family, we are blown away and pleased to inform you that the 2021 Christmas Eve Offering was $107,454. That’s incredible! Thank you for having a heart for the nations and for being used to get the Gospel and relief to Afghan refugees all around the world. Our Missions Exec Team will be working with several agencies to distribute 100% of those funds in the coming days.  

Most of you know that here at CFC global missions has always been and will always be one of our core values. Last week, Reid Schultheis (our Student Ministry Team Leader who is doing an amazing job) led a group of college students to a missions’ conference called Cross Conference. Cross believes that everyone has a role to play in making Jesus’ Name known around the world. 

They believe that:
Some GO: Goers cross boundaries to proclaim the name of Jesus where it has never been heard or where there are few Christians.
Some SEND: Senders leverage their lives to support goers with their prayers, finances, encouragement, and other means.
ALL ARE CALLED: We are all called to give our lives away to make the name of Jesus known around the world. This is the reason God created you, saved you, and called you. You have a part to play in God's plan for the world. 

Here is a synopsis of the week from Reid Schultheis:

At Cross Conference, a group of 24 of our college students had an incredible opportunity to hear about God’s heart for people of all nations, tribes, and languages. They heard nine testimonies of missionaries who have taken the gospel to unreached people groups. These missionaries translated the Bible into native languages for the first time, shared the gospel, and established churches. Students also heard messages from key evangelical leaders as they covered part of 1 Corinthians.  

Students learned that there are nearly 4 billion people, or 4,000 people groups, with little to no access to the Gospel. This news was staggering for many of them. Several times throughout the trip we prayed for unreached people groups and that God would send laborers (Matthew 9:38). During a sacred moment when students were asked to stand if they desired to be missionaries to the unreached, two of our students stood. Another student didn’t stand but is questioning whether or not to be a goer or a sender. He plans to plunge into missions at CFC to keep learning. Other students who are relatively new to the faith made plans to spend time more faithfully with the LORD each and every day. Praise God for the work He did at Cross!

 CFC Family, thanks for your part in the global project this year, thanks for supporting the ministry at CFC, thanks for helping us get college students to conferences like Cross, and thanks for your desire to be a part of the CFC Family! We can’t wait to worship with you this weekend! See you soon.