What Does 1/3 of the World Have in Common?

Sadly, 1/3 of the world has no access to the Gospel. That means no Bible, no church, no known believers. CFC wants to do all that we can to do our part so that everyone has a chance to hear about Jesus. 

Here are the numbers:

The percentage of dollars given by Christians that actually go to reaching the unreached.

The percentage of full-time Christian laborers who are working among unreached people groups.

The percentage of people living in the most gospel-resistant parts of the world.

The number of known people groups with no Christian presence and no one reaching out to them.

The number of people who die every day without Christ.

The number of villages in India alone with no Christian presence.

The number of people who have seldom if ever heard the name of Jesus.

Here’s how you might be able to help!

  1. Pray for an unreached peoples group each day. You can go HERE on the CFC website to see a new people group to pray for every day.
  2. Get involved at CFC in missions by volunteering. There are several roles you can fill in missions. Let us know your interest HERE.
  3. Give to missions. CFC spends around 90% of our mission budget on unreached peoples. You can give to missions HERE.
  4. Join us this weekend in our services as we hear a report on a project that CFC has been involved in to help put the Bible into the hands of some that don’t have it.

See you this weekend!