There's a Surplus!

We’ve seen God do some incredible things through the life of CFC for many years now. But in that time, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that we don’t use or need anymore. So, we’re having an online auction to give the CFC Family and the public an opportunity to bid on and buy some of these surplus items.

There is a range of items. Some are things that you might expect to find in a church like desks, file cabinets, bookshelves, office chairs, folding desk chairs, audio/video equipment, electrical items, and toys and items from children’s ministry. But there are things you might not expect too. There is an outdoor propane heater, arcade game, soft serve ice cream machine, fire pit, drums, keyboard, an 8-seat infant feeding table, and trailers. Plus a few really unexpected items and a LOT LOT more. There are hundreds of items on which to bid.

You can link to the auction site to bid from our WEBSITE. Be sure to read the terms and conditions on the auction site prior to making your bids. All items will be sold through the auction website, not directly through CFC.

Watch THIS VIDEO from Ryan, our Facilities Director, and Hugh from Curran Miller.

Please know that the proceeds from the sale of the auction items go to further the mission and vision of CFC. We exist to Glorify God by Making Disciples of All People. Happy bidding.