The Lord Is Good! - November Baptisms

Good morning, CFC! If you were in the 9:15AM service on Sunday, we’re sure you would agree that the Lord is good, and we were blessed! We were able to witness and celebrate nine baptisms in the service, and we want the whole church family to be able to see this redemptive work of the Lord. There is a link below for you to be able to take 11 minutes and be blessed! Please take some time to pray for and thank the Lord for these church family members.  

Max Lucado once said, "The human mind explaining baptism is like a harmonica interpreting Beethoven: the music is too majestic for the instrument. No scholar or saint can fully appreciate what this moment means in heaven. Any words on baptism, including these, must be seen as human efforts to understand a holy event. Our danger is to swing to one of two extremes: we make baptism either too important or too unimportant. Either we deify it or we trivialize it. One can see baptism as the essence of the gospel or as irrelevant to the gospel. Both sides are equally perilous. One person says, ‘I am saved because I was baptized.’ The other says, ‘I am saved so I don’t need to be baptized.’ The challenge is to let the pendulum stop somewhere between the two viewpoints. This is done by placing it where it should be: at the foot of the cross. Baptism is like a precious jewel—set apart by itself, it is nice and appealing but has nothing within it to compel. But place baptism against the backdrop of our sin and turn on the light of the cross, and the jewel explodes with significance. Baptism at once reveals the beauty of the cross and the darkness of sin. As a stone has many facets, baptism has many sides: cleansing, burial, resurrection, the death of the old, and the birth of the new. Just as the stone has no light within it, baptism has no inherent power. But just as the stone refracts the light into many colors, so baptism reveals the many facets of God’s grace."

If you are a believer in Jesus and have not yet entered the waters of baptism, we would love to talk with you. If you have been baptized, let the viewing of these baptisms remind you of your own baptism and then thank God for the salvation you have received and the chance you had to proclaim that publicly.

Enjoy the video HERE. We can't wait to worship the only One who has the power to save this weekend!