Take a Step of Faith

Ever since CFC began, the single most significant way that people have grown in faith is through the Bible. And the best way to do that is in community with others. We’ve done this primarily through small groups. There hasn’t been a single ministry that has produced more growth in people at CFC than small groups.


We’ve had to adjust ways to do ministry just like all of us have had to adjust our lives due to the COVID-19 crisis. In order to continue to help each one of us grow, we are starting online virtual small groups this fall. We’re excited to get started and would love to have you be a part. 


HERE’S THE STEP OF FAITH! There are many of you who can lead one of these groups. You may not feel qualified, but the truth is that you are. We will train you on the specifics of leading a group and the peculiarities of doing it online. 



You can go HERE for more information.


Don’t miss a chance for God to use you and for you to grow.