Staffing Update

This email is bittersweet, but we are thankful for God’s provision that always provides what we need. We have two very special people who are entering retirement and two incredible people stepping into their roles. 

For those of you who don’t know, our Friends Forever Preschool (FFPS) Director, Susie Martin, is retiring. This was her last year. Susie has been the only director at FFPS since its founding 28 years ago. There are no words to quantify Susie’s impact. For those of you who are blessed to know this amazing woman, you know she is always smiling, and she is always ready to share and show the love of Christ to others. She has impacted thousands of kids and dozens of teachers during her time with us. The past 6 years, Susie and her family have endured a lot, yet Susie was here, every day, placing the needs and burdens of others above her own. Susie has been a gift from God to all of us. Susie was excellent in her work, and her legacy will leave a lasting impression and standard as we move forward. 

We also are celebrating the amazing career of our friend, Steve Hall. Steve has been on staff as part of our Facilities Team at CFC for 34 years. Steve first served our country, and then he served us at CFC. Steve is one of those guys who could have done anything, but he came to CFC to serve the Lord and all of us. Steve is a servant leader who has the mind of Christ. He exemplified Jesus (like we are all called to do) by humbling himself and taking the role of a servant. If you have ever been to CFC, you have been a recipient of Steve’s ministry. Everyone who has ever walked in our doors has been served by Steve in ways they may never know. We are blessed with an amazing facility, and we thank God that Steve helped us steward it well over the years. Steve took care of this place and the people who walked in it. We will miss him in this role. 

We are very excited about the future of FFPS. If Susie could have handpicked anyone to replace her, it would have been Melanie Scheu. God is good! We are so thankful for Melanie’s willingness to become the FFPS Director. Melanie has attended CFC since she was a preschooler herself and has been a teacher at FFPS for 9 years. It’s hard to put into words why Melanie is such an incredible person for this role. Sandy Bouchie, who has served with Susie for 26 years, says this, “As we say goodbye to the legacy of Susie Martin as the FFPS Director, I could not have imagined we would have such an amazing person to take Susie’s place. I can say with confidence that Melanie loves Jesus, loves children, and is a fantastic teacher herself. I can’t wait to see how God uses her in the years to come.” We are blessed!

We are also blessed to be able to welcome Phil Bradley to our staff next month to fill a slightly different role than what Steve has done on our Facilities Team. He, too, is a steady, Godly man of high character. God has gifted him in carpentry, and he is excited to use those gifts in the context of the local church. Phil could work just about anywhere, but he feels a calling to vocational ministry in this way. Phil received his Bachelor of Arts from UE and his Bachelor of Science from Oakland City University. He has been teaching at Evansville Christian School (ECS) since 2018 and is excited to use his gifts in this new way. We have a lot of friends who attend or work at ECS, and we know that Phil is held in high regard by everyone there. We are beyond excited to welcome Phil!

Church family, please welcome Phil and Melanie and thank Steve and Susie when you see them! We can’t wait to see you this Sunday!