Staffing Update

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we have so much to be thankful for. Some of our thankfulness as a church is centered around our staff here at CFC. You need to know that we have an incredible staff, and we would like to share some updates with you. There are a few people who will be leaving the CFC staff, and we are thankful for their time with us, but we are also thanking God for some new people who have joined our staff. 

Ryan Marvel, our Director of Facilities, and Mary Arnold, our Women’s Ministry Director, will be leaving staff at the end of December. These are not just words or PR -- these two people have gone above and beyond. They have fulfilled their job descriptions with high levels of excellence and have cared for people very well. They have exemplified the character of Christ. You need to know that we are proud and blessed to have had them here at CFC. Ryan and Mary mean so much to us and have made incredible investments in our church. We are thankful for them and will miss them greatly. If you’re reading this and are a member of our church, you have been blessed in some way, whether you know it or not, by Ryan and Mary. 

As we move forward, two family members of CFC will be filling the needs that Ryan and Mary’s departures will create. Emily Breeden, who has worshiped here at CFC for years and who recently just joined staff part time in Children’s Ministry, will move over to the Adult Ministry team and start working in Women’s Ministry. Emily is sharp! She shares the heartbeat of our church and our Lord to make disciples. Emily is looking forward to this opportunity, and we are once again thankful and want to acknowledge the Lord’s provision in bringing Emily to us. We are also thankful and excited to announce that a long-time member and friend to many of us, Jeff Cravens, will be joining our staff as Director of Facilities. Jeff, like many of you, has given his time, talent, and treasure to CFC in many different ways for many years. We could not be more excited for Jeff to now join our staff. Jeff not only has all the competence needed for the job but is of exemplary character and has a servant’s heart. Both Emily and Jeff love God and love people, and our whole congregation will soon benefit from that we’re sure.

As you are aware, Nathan Hazel stepped into his new role as Executive Director of Ministry in June. When Nathan took this position, it left an opening in Adult Ministry. After many long months and countless resumes, God made it clear who He would desire to come to CFC and help us in the area of Discipleship. Adam Christian began work at CFC as our Adult Ministry Team Leader on Monday. Adam, his wife Corinne, and their two beautiful children come to CFC from Portland, Oregon. Adam most recently was on staff at Western Seminary as their Director of Operations for the Center of Leadership Development. Essentially, Adam was providing leadership for their online programming for Bible and theological courses. Adam also spent much of his time consulting church leaders across the nation in the area of Discipleship. We are blessed to have someone like Adam on our staff. His position is very important, as he will provide leadership not only to our Adult Ministry Team but also by overseeing our mission of making disciples. You will see more of him as time goes on, but please welcome our friend and brother Adam and his family to our staff. See the picture of them below.

All this to say, we are excited about the future here at CFC and hope you are as well. We believe we have great things to look forward to and can tell you that we have felt God’s provision and hand over all of these changes.  

We are thankful!!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and we will see you this weekend!