Silent Crisis that You Can Help with

COVID-19 has changed many things and caused serious consequences in many areas. There’s one place that COVID-19 has affected that is mostly silent. It’s the kids in foster care. There has been an increase of domestic violence and kids placed in foster care over the last few months. Federal, state and local child service workers have been overwhelmed. There are around 13,000 kids in foster care in Indiana. Kids aging out of the foster care system over the last 6 months have had a particularly difficult time establishing themselves due to the COVID-19 crisis. When children age-out of the system at 18 without a family, they are significantly more likely to experience homelessness, crisis pregnancy, unemployment, incarceration, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and trafficking. CFC’s commitment to kids includes those kids in foster care who are in the system largely through no fault of their own. Every child deserves a family. 


There are ways for all of us to help!

  1. Attend foster care training to become licensed to foster. Training begins soon. Click HERE for more information.
  2. Join one of CFC's Care Communities to come alongside a foster family and provide much needed support. It can be anything from a meal, to babysitting, to projects around the house. Click HERE for more information or to sign up for our 1 hour training.
  3. Pray! We have some great prayer resources at the Connection Center to guide you in your prayers.
  4. Become a child advocate with CASA. (Court Appointed Special Advocate) CASA’s are assigned a child and represent them and befriend them in a difficult time in their life. Right now, there are 350 children waiting in Vanderburgh County for a CASA. You can get more information HERE.
  5. Connect with the Isaiah 1:17 house as they serve foster children and DCS workers. Click HERE to visit their Facebook page.


We are the answer!

Watch this short video HERE by Willie and Corrie Robertson.