It Happens Every Year

This coming Thursday, August 4, 2022,  is CFC’s 48th birthday, and it just so happens to be around the time we celebrate our all-church CFC Night at Burdette! We really hope that you’ll join us THIS Sunday night at Burdette Park & Pool. It’s a time to celebrate what God has done through many people who have made the decision to be baptized and publicly identify themselves to the Lord Jesus. After the conclusion of baptisms, you are invited to enjoy the pool FOR FREE for a few hours into the evening. It really is a great time to spend time with our church family while also supporting those who will be baptized. It’s also a great event to invite friends and family to join you!

Since our birthday is in a few days, we thought you would appreciate hearing from our Founding Pastor, David Niednagel about some of the history of CFC. Pastor David serves as an Elder and has recently stepped into serving as our Global Outreach Coordinator. 

Our first Sunday was August 4, 1974, and we met at the University of Evansville. I had been in youth ministry and loved kids, but I came to believe that also working with their parents was a much better way to help teens. God surprised us and brought 450 people that first Sunday! 

 Just as parents want their children to mature and learn to consider the needs of others, we wanted CFC to mature in the same way by caring about what God wants us to do to spread the good news of Jesus around the world. 

 Around 1976, I was invited to Haiti to see if CFC would help in the construction of a church, but I came away with a strong conviction that they needed pastors trained to teach God's Word much more than they needed buildings. In '81 I was invited to train the Mid-Eastern staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, and I met our dear friend Imad Shehadeh, who later founded the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. After the fall of the Soviet Union in '89, CFC sent 4 families and many short-term teams to Kazakhstan. They were part of a very significant ministry of church planting and supporting Bible-translation and publication ministries that are still bearing much fruit today. In '96 I took two trips to Russia to train leaders, and then in 2001 I took the first of 9 trips to India. The hundreds we trained have intentionally trained thousands of others. 

 Since the 1980s, CFC has sent somewhere close to 1,000 people on short-term teams to many countries, primarily the Dominican Republic, Uganda, and Bolivia for repeated, extensive ministry. In addition, CFC people have served and significantly supported ministries in more than 20 other countries.

 In addition to the many who have physically ministered around the world, thousands of others have prayed and supported those who have gone. We have tried to take seriously the fact that if "God so loved the world" then we should too. We are not content simply growing older - we want to be more fruitful here and around the world. Please pray about your part in this for this next year and throw your heart into it with us!

We are so thankful for Pastor David and you! We hope to see you this weekend, both at one of our weekend services and at Burdette!