God Uses His People

We are so thankful and humbled by how God is using His people at this church to reach children and families in crisis. In the world we live in, we could all use some encouraging stories. Let this email bless you and remind you of how God is still at work.


A few years ago, we decided to focus our local outreach ministry on children, specifically, children in need. We dialed that in a little more to provide care in Jesus’ Name for children in foster care. The ministry was named “Love Local,” and many people have been involved either by becoming foster parents, serving as CASA volunteers, surrounding foster families as part of a Care Community, or with Care Portal that provides items to and connects with biological families to help keep kids out of foster care. We’ve also partnered with local non-profits who serve the foster community. You can find out more on the LOVE LOCAL page on our website.


This past week, the CFC Care Community members met together, and then that was followed by a gathering of foster families from CFC. The goal of both of these events was community. Part of being a member of the church is loving, caring for, serving alongside, and encouraging others in the church. We celebrated how God has been working through this ministry, and we wanted to share some of these things with you too.


  • We have 12 Care Communities supporting foster families. 10 of those families are a part of CFC, and we also have a Care Community for 2 non-CFC families.
  • 2 of the new foster families were previously a part of a Care Community before the Lord called them to foster children too.
  • The members of one of the Care Communities range from a newly married couple in their 20s who are new to CFC to another couple in their 80s who have attended CFC for years.
  • The team leader talks to the foster family each week to get prayer requests that they can share with the team. When court dates, meetings with the biological family, and appointments for what could be significant medical issues approach, these prayers have proven to be priceless.


Care Communities help foster families to foster longer and stronger because they have help with meals and chores, and maybe even childcare. The relationships built in Care Communities are long-term. One family moved from the east side to the north side, but the Care Community of east siders continued to care for them because of the strong bonds built. Some of the families have shared what a blessing it is to know that a meal is coming on a specific day of the week so that they have more flexibility and time for other things that day.


We praise the Lord for how He works through His people.