God Moves in Mighty Ways

We have been encouraged by the following story, and we hope you will be too. God is moving in some mighty ways around CFC, and we wanted to share one of these ways in particular!

When everything was shut down and slow to open up several years ago, many things took a hit. College Ministry was one of the most difficult ministries for us to get creative. Because of that, College Ministry has had the longest-lasting consequences of COVID as it pertains to ministries at CFC. While we are an official Religious Life group at USI, we couldn’t really get on campus and meet with our students for 2 school years. As you know, most students are only there for four years. In short, by the time we could get back on campus, the juniors and seniors that we knew were gone, and we had lost two years of connecting with freshmen and sophomores. 

At CFC, children and students are a core value, so we did not waver in our desire to reach students. We prayed that God would allow us the chance to go deeper with the college students who came to CFC. We are just now launching the College Ministry for this school year, and we are already seeing the goodness of God in it. Healthy things grow! The investment and “never give up” mentality of our Student Ministry Team is paying off. We don’t gauge success off of numbers, but in the first two weeks of the semester, we have seen God double the size of our group to 70 students! We have already outgrown the house where we have been holding our weekly meetings! 

If we don’t gauge success off of numbers, then why are we celebrating numbers? We are glad you are reading long enough to ask! It has grown because we have had the chance to take a few students deeper (which was our prayer 2 years ago), and THAT is how we gauge success. We’re “Making Disciples who Make Disciples!” Our students have now started to reach out and invite others around them to join the Tuesday night study. They have seen the goodness of God in their lives and want to share the hope that they now have. One student has brought 8 people in two weeks. When Reid told him how cool it was to see him inviting so many friends and that he is proud of how God is using him, he answered: “God has used this group in a life-changing way, and I wanted others to experience it.” 

We hope you are encouraged too, church! God is moving at CFC, and we are so thankful that you are a part of it. We can’t wait to see you Sunday!