Food Drop Thank You

I wanted to say thank you again for the donation of food from your church and the members there! This was a tremendous blessing and help to us. I wanted to share a little bit about this week so you can pass along some stories to the church members and staff there about what your support means to us and those we serve.

Our food pantry is normally on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; however, we get many people on all days asking for food. Now it's easy to turn them away and say "food pantry isn't open today" or "we don't have volunteers here for that today you'll have to come back on the right day when it's open"...this is the easy way out, an excuse...and sadly I've seen, heard, and even myself have taken this easy way out when stress or burnout kick in. I thank God, that He has continued to soften my heart and open my eyes over the years. Sometimes it takes everything someone has to swallow their pride and reach out for help. Many don't get to that point and try to stay afloat on their own. So, when we had two or three people come yesterday, when we didn't have food pantry open, we still need to help them. They didn't know food pantry wasn't open that day, so they weren't being difficult. They simply had a need and were hungry. They all had larger families to take care of, and they heard we could help. One walked here with a grocery cart and was under advice from their doctor to not be "out and about" because of their health concerns, but when you are hungry, you do what you must to get some food in the house. We sent them all away with multiple food boxes and frozen food to help.

Your food was in those food boxes, it was in our food boxes at Christmas, and it will continue to be in the boxes we give away the rest of this month and the next.

Thank you for allowing us to do this and serve those in need!

Please pray that our staff stays vigilant against stress, burnout, and anything else the enemy-the devil-may throw at us. Prayer is the work!

Thank you, CFC!