Discipleship is about Relationships

We are so thankful for those who faithfully serve our children in CFC Kids. The commitment level of those serving in the Children's Ministry is exemplary. If you bring children to CFC Kids, you can attest to the comfort you feel in dropping your kids off with “their teacher” -- the one that they look forward to seeing each weekend. We are so thankful for those volunteers who show up ready to connect with kids and share Jesus with them. 

What did Jesus think of children? Three verses in Matthew 19 (vs. 13-16) give us a glimpse of Jesus’ heart for kids. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” In a busy crowd of people, including the influencers of the day, Christ prioritized those with the least influence. In Christ’s “upside-down” Kingdom, the marginalized and overlooked of this world are the priority over and over again. That is why children and students are a priority and a core value for us here at CFC. 

CFC Kids is growing. In fact, over the last 6 weeks, our children’s ministry has ministered to 621 different kids, and our average attendance in CFC Kids is 334 kids. To put that in perspective, this same time last year we served 378 kids in a six-week period and averaged 179 kids in attendance on the weekend. That’s nearly an 87% increase in attendance. This is a testament to our volunteer base and the way they connect with kids. We are grateful to have more children to minister to each weekend, and we want to make sure that each child leaves having connected with their leader.

One CFC Kids' summer volunteer connected over the summer with a first grader who was coming with an extended family member because his mom worked on Sundays. As the child and his table leader worked on a craft together--putting a beard on Jesus--the child looked up at his leader and said, “You remind me of Jesus.”  The table leader assumed he was referring to a very poor attempt at a beard that he had been growing since “No Shave November.” Trust me, it was very patchy. The leader asked the child if he was talking about his beard. The little boy said, “No, it's your kind eyes.”

I don’t know who was impacted more that summer, the child or his table leader. It is our hope that the glimpse of Jesus that the child got from interacting with his table leader changed the trajectory of his life. It definitely shaped the trajectory of the table leader's life.

Discipleship is about relationships. Having enough volunteers to provide for the safety of children is not the same as having enough disciple makers to connect with kids and minister to their hearts. As we enter the Summer Session in CFC Kids, we ask that you pray to see if God would have you serve within CFC Kids this summer. We have spots available in the nursery through 5th grade for teachers, table leaders, and sidekicks (working one-on-one with a child who has specific needs). To request more information on serving, click here or text “SERVEKIDS” to 812-867-6464.

We look forward to worshiping with you this weekend! See you soon. 

Watch this video from Nathan and Kyle to find out more about serving in CFC Kids: https://vimeo.com/708394745