Core Values

Last week at our Intro to CFC class we walked those in attendance through CFC’s core values. After our conversation in the class, we felt it would be helpful and appropriate to lay those in front our church family periodically. While by now you have seen, heard and even felt the desire and mission of CFC to “Glorify God making disciples of all people,” you may or may not be able to identify what our core values are.

Why do we have core values? The core values are the essential elements of how we go about our work. They are the heartbeat of who we are as a church, and everything we do flows from them. Our core values enable us to fulfill our vision statement of making disciples. 

While we could go into detail, the graphic on this page shows our core values here at CFC. If you want to know more about what fruit is coming from these core values or a better understanding of how they play themselves out daily, we would love to share that with you. Stop by the Connection Center this weekend or call the church office.

Throughout the course of each year there are hundreds of decisions that are made here at CFC. Since 1974 there have been thousands of decisions made, and as we move into our next chapters, there will be thousands more decisions made. We want you to know that these core values help us as we make decisions, both individually and collectively. 

Church, we are thankful for each of you and can’t wait to see you at one of our weekend worship services -- which just so happens to be one of our core values!