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Why Do We Gather Each Week?

Each week we gather together in our services, and there are many reasons why we do so. We see our friends and fellow believers. We lift our voices to worship together. We look at the Scriptures and… Read more


4 Ways to Keep Joy in Christmas

This weekend we will celebrate communion in our services. It's a special time, and we hope you will be able to be with us. We're wrapping up the series in Colossians and headed into the… Read more


It's Not Too Late - Round 2

Our new online picture directory is a great resource with pictures, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and more for the CFC family. … Read more


We'd Never Do That

A recent article suggested ways for ushers in churches to ask parents to have children taken to Sunday School classes or to a foyer area instead of the church service. The point was to give some tips… Read more


Keep Informed!

Right now is a great time in the ministry calendar. There are activities, events, studies, and groups starting for practically everyone. Please don't miss the opportunity to get involved. Here… Read more