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What Do Jesus and Basketball Have in Common?

Jesus lived His life "on mission." He knew exactly why He was on earth and what His purpose here was. From the time He was young and stayed behind from His parents in the temple to His… Read more


What Happens When You Give?

CFC is always transparent with our financial statements. But they only tell a small part of the story. The untold part of a financial statement is the "people" part. So here are a few… Read more


Easter Quiz

Easter Quiz- How well do you know the Easter story? … Read more


Where's the Money Go

This morning a team of 29 high school students and leaders left for the Dominican Republic. Keep them in your prayers. Short-term trips are one way we are fulfilling our vision to glorify God by… Read more


What's Your Next Step?

In order to get somewhere, you have to take some steps. That's true spiritually too. Each of us is responsible for our spiritual growth. It's God's desire that we grow, and He has a role… Read more

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