Can You Imagine?

Many people in our own community are struggling to have enough food. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many not to be able to put food on their tables. According to Feeding America, over 19 million meals are missed here in the tri-state area. 12 million of those are met through local programs, but that leaves 7 MILLION MEALS missed annually by our neighbors. That’s over 19,000 meals missed every day. No one living in the United States should ever go hungry.


Again this year, CFC is planning our annual Food Drop, and it’s just in time!


As we’ve counted our blessings during the month of November, would you please consider giving above and beyond your normal giving as a gift to the Lord for all He’s done for you? You can go HERE to give or put “Food Drop” on the memo line of your check. We are thankful for you.