3 Ways to Grow Spiritually in 2021

The COVID pandemic in 2020 altered much of what we do on a daily basis. Pandemic or not, we need to continue to grow spiritually. We have 3 ideas for you here, and we have put the resources of the CFC@Home Center online. There are great resources now available free to you from your home. 


1. Recipe Cards - simple, helpful strategies to strengthen your walk with the Lord. Whether it’s your marriage, kids or simply celebrating holidays, there are tools to view and download. You can go HERE to see the categories of the cards. There’s a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day HERE.


2. Life Stage Pointers - more than 2 dozen topics from a Biblical perspective on some of life’s most challenging times. Topics like Building a Stronger Marriage, Finding Hope in a Difficult Marriage, Addictions, Blending Families, Caring for an Aging Loved One, Single Parenting, and more. You can go HERE to see the complete list of Pointers.


3. Faith Path - a guided way to help you grow your child from birth to launching as an adult. There are specific age-appropriate practices and milestones that you can use to lead your child to help them grow in the Lord. You can find Faith Path materials HERE