Do You Believe This Lie?

Elder Notes

There's a common belief that Christians have about how their friends, neighbors, and co-workers will respond to an invitation to attend church with them. Extensive research shows that most Christians (just under 90%) think that if they invite someone to church that they won't accept the invitation. That same research actually shows that non-Christians would love an invitation (almost 90%) and often wonder why they haven't been asked. Have Christians bought into the lie that our friends won't respond well to an invitation? And who would be the most pleased if we have?

If you were with us this past weekend you should have received a card with our upcoming service times to use as an invite. It's not too late. This weekend we have extra Christmas music. Then on Christmas Eve there are services at 4 and 7PM.

Christmas is a time when those who don't normally attend church seriously consider attending a service. And attending a church service is often the first step to trusting Christ. Don't believe the lie! Pray and invite someone this weekend. 

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