We'd Never Do That

Elder Notes

A recent article suggested ways for ushers in churches to ask parents to have children taken to Sunday School classes or to a foyer area instead of the church service. The point was to give some tips to ushers to avoid an awkward situation.

But wait!

At CFC, we believe at some point that children need to be in the worship services. Sure, children can be a little fidgity in the services, but what is our priority? Children need to see adults and their family in worship. There is a direct correlation between children attending worship when they are young and staying active in church when they are older.

Parents, here's our hope for your family:

  1. You would evaluate each of your children and determine when they are mature enough to benefit from the worship service. This varies by child.
  2. You would continue to send them to their age-appropriate Sunday School class as well.
  3. You would serve on Sunday morning for the extra hour that you will be here.

It's a win-win. Both you and your children will grow. And that's what church is all about. 

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