Are You Overweight?

Elder Notes

Evansville has received some not so flattering media reports in the past about being one of the most overweight cities. Have you ever thought about being spiritually overweight?

How can you tell if you’re spiritually overweight? Many of us have sat under great bible teaching--sometimes for years or even decades. We have been in some amazing bible studies. We've been a part of great small groups. We've read and listened to podcasts of some of the greatest teachers, pastors, and theologians of our times. But all of this can make us spiritually fat. The end goal of our learning shouldn't be how much we can absorb. The end goal should be the passing on what we have learned.

There are dozens of CFC'ers that have everything necessary to help others grow and connect to Jesus. We would love to help you pass on what you've gained over the years walking with Christ by leading a small group. We have training coming up, and you can sign up. Click HERE for more information or to sign up. Next week we'll talk about the 2 most common excuses.

See you this weekend!


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