What Happens When You Give?

Elder Notes

CFC is always transparent with our financial statements. But they only tell a small part of the story. The untold part of a financial statement is the "people" part. So here are a few examples of what happens when you give.

-Students are challenged and strengthened in their faith. Some are committing their lives to Christ and others are recommitting.

-Someone hears about Jesus for the first time. Unreached people around the world are a priority for our Global Outreach efforts. 15% of all of our offerings go to Global Outreach.

-Marriages and families are strengthened. Vows are renewed and couples decide to fight for their marriage. Our new CFC@Home Center is a great place to get excellent resources for the entire family.

-Children are taught the Bible each week and have a chance to learn skills to carry them on into adulthood. We serve around 350 children each Sunday morning.

-Prayers and encouragement are provided for the sick, shut in, or hospitalized and for those who have lost loved ones. Our live stream helps many of them stay connected to their church.

-Teams are sent around the world to help them gain a heart for others and see people and the world the way God sees it.

-The hungry are fed. Not only through our annual Food Drop, but CFC regularly provides much needed food to those less fortunate.

There's so much more that happens because of your faithful generosity. Thank you!

We'll see you this weekend.



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