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Easter Quiz- How well do you know the Easter story?

Soon we will celebrate Easter. There's not a more important event that we could celebrate. It's the proof that Jesus was who He said He was. So let's take a short quiz and see how well you know the characters of the story. Being familiar with and knowing the Easter story helps us celebrate better. So let's take the quiz and see how you do.

Here we go:

1. I brought spices to wrap Jesus' body in for His burial. I helped Joseph lay Jesus' body in the tomb. Who am I?

2. I didn't want Jesus to wash my feet. I have a brother named Andrew. Who am I?

3. My father's name was Simon. I was displeased when a woman poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet. Who am I?

4. My parents were from Nazareth. I spent a month in the desert. Who am I?

5. I was the governor of Judea. I thought Jesus was innocent. Who am I?

6. I was a secret disciple of Jesus. I was a member of the council. Who am I?

7. Jesus stayed at my house before His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Jesus raised my brother from the dead. Who am I?

8. I witnessed the events on the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus sent me into the city to make preparations for the Passover meal. Who am I?

9. I insisted we accompany Jesus to Bethany when Lazarus died. I was fishing with Peter when Jesus appeared to us on the Sea of Tiberias after His resurrection. Who am I?

10. I was the first disciple to be martyred. I was a disciple of John the Baptist before I became a disciple of Jesus. Who am I?

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