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Here at CFC, 2 of our 6 core values are children/students and prayer. As you are probably aware, school districts around us will begin to go back into session this week. We would like to call our church to intentional and fervent prayer for this school year.

In scripture, we see many important truths about prayer, and we want to remind you of four. 1. It changes things. 2. It is a limitless ministry. 3. It changes the person praying. 4. Prayerlessness is sin.

Our schools need our prayers. Would you commit to finding intentional time to pray for:

-bus drivers
-support staff
-home school families 
-those providing space for students to learn
-a safe school year

To help guide your prayers our student ministry team has created a prayer guide. You can DOWNLOAD IT from our website, and we will also have a printed version available at the Connection Center this weekend. 

We love our church family and are excited and expectant to worship with you this weekend. See you soon!