For God says, at just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you. Indeed, the "right time" is now. Today is the day of salvation.
-2 Corinthians 6:2


Heroes. We read about them in comic books, we watch them on movie screens, and we even dress up as them. In fact, each hero has three things in common:


  1. They reveal themselves to their people at the right time when the enemy shows up.
  2. They rescue their people by sacrificing their very own life and defeating the enemy.
  3. They rule their people by ushering in a new day and claiming victory over the enemy.

Each of us want to be the hero of our own story. But here’s the truth: we’re not the hero of our own story, we’re the ones in need of rescuing. The enemy has a foothold in this world and our lives are impacted by it every day. Thankfully, we have a Hero and his name is Jesus Christ. This winter retreat we are going to look at how Jesus Christ is the greatest Hero of all time and how his threefold office reminds us of three different things:


  1. As prophet, he is the Hero who reveals God to us.
  2. As priest, he is the Hero who rescues us from our sin.
  3. As king, he is the Hero who rules us for all of eternity.


WHEN: Friday, February 4 - Saturday, February 5 (This is NOT an over-night event)

  • Drop-off times: 5:00 PM on Friday and 8:00 AM on Saturday
  • PICK-UP: 10:00 PM on Friday and 10:00 PM on Saturday 

COST: $45* (includes all food, games, & Sky Zone)

*Payments can be made online HERE or by check or cash no later than Sunday, January 23.


  • Please complete the CFC Retreat form at the bottom of the page.
  • Please download and complete the required medical form HERE. THIS FORM MUST BE NOTARIZED BEFORE YOU CAN TURN IT INTO US.
  • Click HERE to complete the Sky Zone Waiver. 


Common Q&A:

What if a student can only make it to part of the retreat?

We strongly discourage students coming and going, unless it’s for prior commitments they cannot get out of. The retreat is designed for students to experience both days. Please discuss this with Garrison or Lindsey before signing up.

If a student needs to leave for part of the retreat, do we have to pay the whole $45?

Yes, the cost is still $45. In most circumstances, we do not offer partial retreat costs. Please discuss with Garrison or Lindsey if you have questions.


Are there scholarships available for students/families who cannot afford the cost?

Yes. We never want money to be the barrier for students to attend our events. Please contact Reid Schultheis or Garrison Brooks to discuss scholarships.


If my student wants to attend the retreat, but they don’t want to jump at Sky Zone, is it still the same cost?

Yes. There will be very few exceptions. If there is an injury or specific reason why a student cannot jump, please discuss with Lindsey or Garrison.


When will we receive a schedule?

There will be a schedule emailed to parents 2 weeks prior to the retreat.




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