CFC Kids

We love kids! Our desire is to be a part of seeing kids put their faith in Christ and to develop an understanding of God and the world that will allow them to live their entire lives in a way that brings glory to God. We know that the primary spiritual responsibility for kids belongs to parents and our goal is to come along side parents and provide tools and activities to support them in their roles. Some families may need more support than others and that's fine, we are here to help.

We have age appropriate classes for kids from birth through fifth grade at both of our 9:15 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday morning services. Your child's safety and health is extremely important to us. We have a check in system that allows us to maintain these values. Please use the check in stations in the north end of the main foyer. There will be someone there to assist you should you need help.

Infant – 18 mos. | Nursery (near the Welcome Center)

18 mos. – 3 yrs. | Room 110 or 115 (gym area)

3 yrs – Pre-K | Room 101/102, 103, 104, 105 (CFC Kids wing)

Kindergarten | Room 201 (2nd floor, CFC Kids wing)

1st Grade | Room 205

2nd Grade | Room 206

3rd Grade | Room 204

4th Grade | Room 214 (Above the Gym)

5th Grade | Room 212 @ 9:15 AM, Room 214 @ 10:45 AM

For a complete listing of CFC Kid's Ministry Events click HERE.