"Before You Speak..." 

"The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences."

-Proverbs 18:21



With words comes a significant amount of power. Each one of us carries words that others have spoken to us. Some of the words we carry bring life, hope, and security day by day. Others are weighty and drag us down. Over the course of this weekend we will discover the importance of thinking before we speak. And most importantly, we will consider the words of The One who’s Word matters most. 

Students are invited to join HSM leaders and students for a 2-day retreat here in Evansville at CFC. The retreat will be on Friday, February 19 from 4:00PM-10:00PM and on Saturday, February 20 from 9:00AM-10:00PM. This will not be an overnight retreat due to Covid restrictions. The retreat will consist of biblical teaching and worship, small group time, fellowship, and A LOT of fun! 

Who: Current High School Students

When: Friday, February 19 (4:00PM-10:00PM) - Saturday, February. 20 (9:00AM-10:00PM)

Where: CFC (we will also take students to 1-2 fun places in town)

Cost: $40 (includes meals, snacks, resources and fun activities) You can pay online HERE.

Please downlad and complete the required medical form HERE.