Whether you attend CFC or not, if you are a veteran, you are invited for a time of coffee and fellowship once a month at CFC. 

This group will meet before and after the 9:15AM, 10:45AM, and 4:15PM worship services in The Gathering which is near the CFC Kids' check-in area in the main foyer.

Jun 18
Jul 9
Aug 13
Sep 10
Oct 15
Nov 12
Dec 10

Come meet fellow veterans to spend some time together and be encouraged. If you need prayer, we'll pray with you too. If you know a veteran, please invite them to stop by each month. There is no need to sign up, and your spouse is welcome to attend too. If you've not yet been added to our list of Veterans, you can sign up HERE. If you have questions please email Hugh Miller or John Skinner