What can we learn from the most beloved children’s novels of the last century? The Chronicles of Narnia series is not only compelling from a literary or entertainment level, but it carries within deep truths of God’s timeless word. It is for this reason these stories are still so compelling today, even though our world has changed through upheaval and discovery.

In this 8-week study, the first week will be an introduction to Narnia, and then from there we'll go through one book per week (in Lewis's preferred order--chronological, rather than publication order). Each week, we ask participants to read the book we'll be discussing, watch the video lecture by Dwain Tissell, and come prepared to discuss on Sunday morning. As a pastor and adjunct seminary professor, Dwain Tissell has come to love these interactions, and it is exciting to see the truth of what Jesus planned for us ages ago come alive even in these days. The big idea for this course is to awaken the wonder, longing, and value of the Christian worldview that is not only portrayed but experienced in The Chronicles of Narnia. Our prayer is that we will find ourselves, like the eight children in the Narnia stories, pulled into another world. And that as a result, we would know the real “Aslan,” the Lion of Judah, better in our own world.

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