If Jesus' tomb isn't empty, we can't trust anything He said. However, if the tomb is empty, then the Gospel message has huge implications for our lives. Our winter retreat guest speaker, Zach Tinner, is going to help us unpack the implications of the empty tomb. Scripture reveals that certain people who doubted Jesus at one time in their lives ended up giving their very life for Jesus in light of the empty tomb. The Gospel message not only impacts how we view God, ourselves and others, but how we view the world and live in it. Winter Retreat 2024 will unpack all of this and more. We look forward to seeing your students there! 

WHERE: CFC, Swonder Ice Arena

WHEN: January 19 & 20 (students will stay overnight @ CFC)

DROP OFF/ CHECK- IN: Friday, January 19 from 4:30 PM

PICK-UP/END OF RETREAT: Saturday, January 20 9 PM

COST: $55 (includes all food and activities)

Find out more and sign up HERE.