MSM Students are invited to attend Crossings Camp with the Middle School Ministry from CFC. This year’s theme asks this question: How do we live with wisdom and remain faithful to God when we live in a culture that is hostile to God and his ways? Can we be resilient in the midst of fiery furnaces, too? Join us this summer as we look at how the prophet Daniel navigated the courts of the rebellious nation Babylon. The Book of Daniel is a story of four young Israelites who learned that God is faithful to his promises, God is in control of both history and our individual lives, and God’s present invisible rule will one day result in a glorious and permanent rule. These realities taught Daniel and his friends how to have resilient faithfulness and resilient wisdom. They chose to believe God and serve God rather than bow to the demands of Babylon’s king or submit to the wisdom of Babylon’s culture. 

Join us for this week of camp as we expect God to do amazing things in the students’ lives this summer!

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