Tech Team Test Drive

Men, Women, Worship, Young Couples

If you're a "tech-y" kind of person or find yourself curious about tech/production elements we use in our Worship Services here at CFC - we'd LOVE to meet you and have you give our ministry and our gear a "test drive".

We'll meet Monday, September 30 6:30PM in Room 331 in the balcony.

We'll start with an overview of the ministry and hear from some of our current members.  Then we'll let you "test drive" and put your hands on all our gizmos, gadgets and equipment during an actual CFC Worship Team Rehearsal!  It will be a great night and a great night test some things out.  You CAN just show up that evening, but if you'd be willing to sign up below, that would give us a heads up on how many to expect.

  • Cameras
  • Graphics/Projection (showing lyrics, playing videos, etc on projectors) for Worship Center and Classic Venue
  • Video Switcher/Director
  • Audio Mixing (Worship Center, Classic Venue, and Live Stream)
  • Lighting

Who should come?  Anyone interested!  Most of our team are adults, but students are welcome if they have accessible transportation to allow them to attend applicable services/events.  Most of our team were trained and learned as a part of their time with with us.  We're happy to provide you with training and all you'll need to succeed!  If you have questions or have interest but can't attend the "Test Drive", please contact Sam Lynn.

Hope to see you Monday Night Septemeber 30th @ 6:30pm!

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