The Traveling Team in Beautiful Feet Class

College, Global Outreach, High School, Middle School, Students

The Traveling Team has been putting the "MOBILE" in Mobilization since 1999 and stirring university students all over the country to rise up and join God in reaching the world for Jesus Christ. Think of them as a missions conference on wheels.

They give the biblical foundation of missions and provide a call to action and opportunity to meet with interested students. They'll speak to our college, high school, and middle school groups, but in Beautiful Feet class, they'll talk more to us about "The Task Remaining" to help us:

  • See the remaining task of missions in the world including a closer look at the 10-40 window.
  • Understand the basic beliefs of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese and Tribal religions.
  • View the world from a new perspective: reached and unreached people groups.
  • Understand the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as it relates to missions.


The Traveling Team will be in Beautiful Feet Class on Sunday, September 15th at 10:45AM in Room 106 (note this is a different room than normal for Beautiful Feet Class). Everyone with an interest in global missions or who would just like to know more is invited to attend.

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