Small Groups

The CFC Small Group path helps to align those individuals desiring a group discipleship experience with leaders and other men and women in the church who can guide them on that path.

Our groups are “open groups,” meaning you can expect to have as many as 12 people – men, women, single, married, younger, older, with kids and without kids in the group. We expect our groups to meet multiple times each month.

In a group, you can expect a time of fellowship and activities with other members of the group before closing in on an intentional study of God’s Word. We make that part as easy as possible for our leaders by providing the lesson each week for groups to go through.

During this time of study, groups will look at a passage of Scripture and be asked a set of observation and application questions to discuss.

All discipleship relationships emphasize CFC’s discipleship intentionalities:

1. Fill our minds with the truth of God’s Word

2. Fuel our affection for God

3. Share God’s love by being a witness in their world

4. Demonstrate God’s love by being a member of CFC

5. Spread His glory among all people

6. Make disciples of a few

In other words, we hope that our groups will help people have a stronger knowledge of God’s Word, grow in their love for The Lord, and see that love manifest by serving through CFC both locally and globally. And we desire to see these groups “branch.” As other people in the group develop and rise up to their God-given potential, we will ask them to “branch” or form new groups from their existing group.

As a result of being a part of a group, we hope that people will learn how to study God’s Word, have a more fervent prayer life, serve others, and enjoy being in relationship with other people.

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