Worship/Creative Arts

There are many elements involved in creating a weekend worship experience, both musical and technical. A team of talented instrumental and vocal musicians together with a team of visually creative technicians produce an environment in which others experience Jesus and are compelled to worship Him.

We utilize our God-given abilities to create art that glorifies God and leads people to worship Him and make disciples of all people. The Team includes those that serve in both musical and technical areas. Training is available.

We believe God values creativity and wants us to honor Him by presenting these elements with excellence (Col. 3:23, 2 Tim. 2:15, 1 Cor. 10:31). People in the world today are surrounded by the latest and greatest artistic elements – video, music, graphics, media, environments, etc. How something is presented is often the key to how/if it is accepted and seems essential in keeping the attention of today’s society. Just as we aspire to be relevant in our teaching and music, we would also want to be relevant in all the creative arts. Ultimately, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we desire to engage people – leading them to glorify God, worship Him, and make disciples (Matt. 5:16 and Matt. 22:36-40).


Weekend Worship Team

This team consists of skilled band members and talented vocalists that seek to lead the congregation in authentic worship.

Voices of Praise Choir

This choir of men and women sings interesting hymn arrangements, dynamic spirituals, rich inspirational music and beautiful light gospel classics. They lead worship for our Classic Venue service.

For more information on the Voices of Praise Choir click HERE.

Kids Choir

Children in 1st thru 5th grades have opportunities to worship the Lord through music. The group begins rehearsals in the Fall and typically goes thru the Spring. They learn what it means to worship God, as well as rehearse their music. In addition to leading and performing during services, they participate in various programs and events.

Worship Choir

From time to time a choir is formed to help lead congregational songs in the main worship services. This group usually rehearses for a couple of times on a weekly basis leading up to the weekend service in which they are scheduled. They often participate in Easter and Christmas services.


This group accompanies congregational music and often provides preludes and offertories. They participate in Classic Venue services on a regular basis.


Video Director

Managing what is seen on the video display screens helps focus our attention during worship services.

Camera Operators

Providing a closer view of our weekend service and special events enhances our worship experiences.


Controlling the lighting of a large room contributes to the intimacy of our time together.

Live Worship Sound Mixing

This is the art of combining and processing a number of audio signals from the Worship Team to create a “mix”. The balance of these elements is to create a musically worshipful environment for the congregation and Worship Team. There are opportunities to serve in both Classic Venue service and Worship Center services, as well as mixing for audio recording.


Running the program (ProPresenter) that controls lyrics, message notes, and videos guides others to participate in our services. There are opportunities to serve in both Classic Venue service and Worship Center services

Stage Design

Creating backgrounds, decorations, sets, and visual elements that are integrated into our weekend worship services.

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Creative Arts

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