CFC Kids Covid-19 Precautions

As we resume children’s classes on Sunday mornings at CFC, we want to communicate what we are doing to minimize the risk of exposure to Covid-19 to our children and our teachers.

  • We will promote touch “less” check-in. By texting “check-in” to 812-867-6464 security tags will be printed and waiting for families.
  • We have eliminated or minimized the number of soft surfaces in our classrooms so that classrooms can be properly sanitized each weekend.  
  • We have sanitized toys and hard surfaces and will between each group of children who utilize a classroom.  CFC Kids will offer classes at 9:15AM only.
  • We are promoting a self-reporting wellness policy of NO:
    • Fever within the last 72 hours.
    • Wheezing or shortness of breath
    • Hard cough
    • Lethargy
    • Diarrhea or vomiting
    • Redness or runny eyes
    • Sore throat or swollen glands
    • Undiagnosed rashes
    • Persistent itching
    • Uncovered sores
    • Unusual color
    • Constant runny nose with discolored or cloudy tint
  • We will ensure children’s hands are sanitized prior to entering the classroom.
  • We will limit the number of children in a classroom.  Space will be limited.  Reservations for your child can be made Sunday through Wednesday for the following weekend by texting RESKIDS to 812-867-6464.
  • Children will remain in their assigned classrooms for small group instruction and worship for the duration of the Sunday School hour except where required to leave to use the restroom.  Parents are encouraged to have their children visit the restroom prior to dropping off.
  • We will prohibit snacks as they would encourage children to put their hands to their mouths.
  • As long as the Indiana mask mandate is in effect, all volunteers and children 2nd grade and over will be required to wear masks in common areas and while moving about the classroom.  When stationary or outdoors and able to socialy distance, masks may be removed.  Masks are recommended but not required for children ages 3 through 1st grade.  Masks should not be worn by children younger than age 3.
  • Traffic flow has been established for drop off and pickup in CFC Kids to help promote social distancing.  We ask that only one parent per household enter the CFC Kids area to minimize congestion.
  • CFC Kids will reopen on September 6th for in-person discipleship.  Our reservation system will open on August 30th.  The CFC Kids Team understands that not everyone will be able or willing to join us for in-person discipleship and we will remain committed to resourcing parents and children to participate in discipleship at home.  If you are not currently receiving one of our weekend parent emails, contact us at to be added to one of our email lists.

Exposure Reporting

Notify CFC Kids staff immediately if any of the following occurs:

  • Your child tests positive for COVID-19.  We will need to know the date of the onset of symptoms and the date of the positive test.  Your child may not return to CFC Kids for a minimum of 10 days and must be symptom free without medication for 72 hours.
  • It has been determined that your child has been exposed to COVID-19.  You will not be permitted to attend CFC Kids for 14 days from exposure (meaning having been within 6 feet of a known infected person for 15 minutes or more).

If it is determined that a child who attended CFC Kids has tested positive for COVID-19, every family who may have been exposed in one of our classrooms will be notified.  We will not disclose the identity of the child.