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The Day of Judgment

This coming weekend we will continue our study through “History’s Final Headlines” by looking at the Day of Judgment. The book of Revelation describes the unfolding of God’s wrath through three events of seven acts. The first judgments are expressed in the opening of a seven-sealed scroll and predominantly revealed in Revelation 6. The second set of judgments comes to us from Revelation 8-9 and are announced with trumpets. The final act of the unfolding of God’s wrath upon the earth is known as the “Bowl Judgments.” This final expression is revealed in Revelation 15-16.

You can use the graphic above which illustrates the characteristics of those judgments to better prepare yourself for the ground we will cover in our services this coming weekend. Also on the graphic is a comparison addition to the warning of "Great Tribulation" from the words of Jesus in Matthew 24. It is very helpful to read how the words to Jesus in this gospel passage remains very consistent with what John is given in Revelation. May the Lord add His blessing to you as you prepare for our time together.

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