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Does It Matter?

I was thinking not long ago about the fact that I’ve never had a conversation with my pancreas. And I was thinking that you probably haven’t either. And I was wondering if you were like me—if you would actually have to google pancreas to even know where it resides in the body?  I’m not sure I even know everything it does for us, but the older I get, and the more I see the devastating effects of diabetes, I’ve come to appreciate my pancreas a whole lot more. Thank you pancreas! I’d kiss you if I could find you.

You may not know this, or believe it, but I sometimes come into work after a great weekend of worshipping with you, only to bemoan my part in the body. I ask questions like: “Does what I do really matter?” “Is the Holy Spirit really using me, or is He doing His work in spite of me?” And I have all of these emotions like “Do I care for people enough?”  They long to see authentic disciples of Jesus who will help them be authentic disciples themselves.  “Am I an authentic disciple?”  “Lord, have I pleased you?”  I see how inadequate I am and start trying to compensate by using worldly markers of importance and success. I compare myself with others. Yes, it’s like a weekly ritual I go through. Is that just me, or do you dance with the same devils?

It’s an old dance, and one the Lord has always pulled me out of. But I’d like to be finished with it. I’d like to embrace my part in the body as God’s appointment and “work as unto the Lord,” confident that as long as I remember this, He is glorified and pleased with my service. I am writing to you all, my co-laborers who are busy at work today, being used of Christ to glorify God in your daily lives and breathing joy into those looking for hope. It may seem that no one notices. But, and you know this well, what is most important is that we remember Christ sees, and uses us as “living stones” in the building of His church. So remember that today: Be a living stone that is greatly loved and used. You are a living stone—even if you feel like a kidney stone.



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