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I never really “tested” well. You know...going to class, studying for written exams, and then actually taking those exams were never really in the upper quadrant of my strengths profile. I always did better when I was able to explain things--even better if there was a story involved. I had a tutor once in math that I desperately needed. Best year in math I ever had. God bless tutors.

It can be uncomfortable to think that God allows our faith to be tested, and yet it is through the testing that our faith is proven. We almost always assume that testing is through some unpleasant experience or painful trial. But what about those times of testing that are not spent through adversity but prosperity?

I honestly believe that passing the test of prosperity is really more difficult than enduring faithfully through a painful experience. Think about it, when is it most easy for us to draw near to God? It’s usually when we are hurting.

This weekend we will look at a time in the future when there will be such a peace, as momentary as it will be, that will generate perhaps the most prosperous time upon the earth. The antichrist will at least have people feeling that way for a while. 

Join us this weekend as we examine and consider what it means to be tested with prosperity.

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