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The Blessed Hope of a Believer in Jesus

Keeping the most important doctrines of the church front and center is essential. No one would argue that point. It is therefore humorous and frustrating when people end up arguing over things that are not central to our relationship with God. To be a church that loves the Lord Jesus and teaches His Word while making disciples who endure in their faithfulness to Him, there must be the acknowledgement that we are moving through history until we meet the Lord in the resurrection or at His return. This much is agreed upon and central to the Lord’s church, and that is refreshing and encouraging.

Where we find ourselves this weekend as we look toward “History’s Final Headlines” is one possible interpretation of how believers, members of Christ’s church, go into this closing period of time. It is, I believe, the correct interpretation, but only one. This weekend we will look at what I believe to be the next date on the prophetic calendar. It is called the rapture of the church. The time when Christ returns for His church, calling them to Heaven and sparing them from the wrath to come through the following time of judgment on the earth. The rapture of the church and then the time of judgment that follows are what I believe we see divided between Revelation 4 and 5.

To further prepare yourself for this weekend, I encourage you to read First Corinthians 15 and Revelation 3 and 4. First Corinthians 15 is, in my view, the most important chapter to read concerning the resurrection of believers who have died as well as the rapture of those who are alive when the Lord calls us out. I hope to introduce you to this teaching if you are new as a follower of Jesus, and perhaps answer those questions about the rapture that you didn’t know were there. If you are reading through the book of Revelation, notice that the church is not mentioned again after chapter three until chapter nineteen. There is a reason for this, I believe.

While many Godly people have differed over their interpretation of these things—and we cannot all be right about them—the main thing to keep before you is the unwavering confidence of our Lord’s return for those who are His. His second coming should always remain undisputed, and that is the most hopeful of doctrines.


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