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It's Here

Fall is actually here. Whether it is the colder temperatures or the fact that our annual Autumn Fest is this evening, you could say that the few days of this particular season we enjoy have finally arrived. My friend and fellow CFCer, Charlie Davis was stationed in Alaska during the war in Viet Nam. He says that the natives in Alaska refer to the approaching frigid temperatures as “The Hawk.” Sporting his iPhone, Charlie keeps Anchorage in his list of cities for temperature. As the temperatures in Anchorage begin to fall, Charlie says that we won’t be far behind. He will greet me with “The hawk is coming!”

Autumn Fest is a great time for those who attend, especially the kids. Please join me in welcoming our guests this evening with as much warmth as you can muster over these cold temperatures. I’m trusting the Spirit to help me do so and so can you. With the Hawk bearing down on us this evening, please pay particular attention to our volunteers outside.

If you are able, consider “resting them a spell” as my papaw used to say. Step into their spot and give them a break to warm up. As Charlie says, “They call it the ‘hawk’ because it swoops in for the kill.” I trust our temperatures won’t be that cold, but it will be uncomfortable for those outside as time goes on.

Bundle up. Wear your smile. Let’s have a good time and be aware of those working to make this event happen. We are certainly grateful for every CFCer who serves in making this a party. And pray that this evening might be an easy “foot in the door” for folks who are looking for a place to worship together with others. See you this evening.