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Preparing for Marriage?

It is always exciting for me to hear about folks getting married in our community, especially in our church. We are often asked by potential brides and grooms about our process for weddings, and many times their friends and family may inquire for them.

You can actually be a resource for potential couples by familiarizing yourself with a section of our website devoted to the process of getting married at CFC or by a CFC pastor. Here is the link:

Once you are there, an assortment of interactive information will help you know what we offer people who are preparing for marriage. There is also a hyperlink that will reveal the guidelines for being married at CFC and forms for the bride and groom to complete and begin the process. Once those first steps are completed, the couple will be contacted by someone here at the church who will help with further coordination.

At the bottom of the webpage there is a particular resource that you can use to invite any couple considering marriage to attend—whether they are being married here or not. “Ready to Wed” is the marriage preparation class offered to couples in general and required for any couple who will be married at CFC. Under the heading “Ready to Wed Class” is a place to actually enroll for the next session. We are currently holding the classes this month so if you register now you will be plenty early for the next offering and will be notified of the starting dates and materials. If you are planning a spring or summer 2020 wedding, please make the “Ready to Wed” Class part of your planning.

Equipped with this overview, whether you are getting married or not, you can assist us in encouraging couples to prepare for marriage with a biblical perspective, as well as leading them to understand the high value we place on a Christ-centered marriage. Thanks for the help.



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