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Read Before Walking

This weekend we will consider the Faith Path again by looking at the stones of Bible Reading, Prayer, Worship, and Giving. In preparation of this weekend, I read through a book loaned to me by our CFC Kids Director, Kyle Carnahan. The book is titled, Nothing Less  by Jana Magruder. The subject matter of the book deals with “engaging kids in a lifetime of faith.”  As part of her research, Magruder surveyed 2000 parents concerning the spiritual condition of their children. All four of the elements listed above-- Bible Reading, Prayer, Worship and Giving—contributed to making the largest difference in the health of their spiritual condition. What may or may not surprise you is what moved the needle on that difference the most. By far, regular Bible Reading throughout the developing years of children made the most difference.

Affirming our belief in the supremacy of God’s Word is obviously introduced and maintained by the regular practice of reading the Bible. I can give a resounding agreement with this statement. Keeping a copy of the Bible on my nightstand meant that it was the first thing I saw when I woke up and the last thing I saw when I turned out the light. I may not be gifted when it comes to remembering references, but I could find what I needed in my Bible just because I was so familiar to where I turned in the book. Most times, I would read two chapters a day (not always every day) with the cumulative effect of that practice growing me in my faith and knowledge of God. 

One of the earliest prayers we can begin to pray for our children is that God would give them a hunger for His Word. In reading the Scriptures, we let God have the first word before we ever speak back to Him in prayer. His Word even shapes our prayers, and this is much needed in developing a life of faith through the practice of prayer.

I’m not sure what “regular” Bible reading will look like for you or your kids, but I would urge you to discover what it does look like. It is the greatest determining factor in keeping your kids on the Faith Path.


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