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Ancient Wisdom Still Speaks

In September of 1982, maybe you were mesmerized by him along with the 7000 others in Roberts Stadium. Fresh off of his album, “Working Class Dog” and catapulted to fame by his portrayal of Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, he fueled each aspect of stardom with the other one. In 1983 he came back in late summer for a night under the stars at the Mesker Amphitheatre --maybe you saw him at Mesker for $10. That’s right. In 1983, you could see one of the biggest rock stars of the year for 10 bucks!

As I was preparing for the final message in our Ecclesiastes study, I was shocked with how Rick Springfield was writing songs and giving interviews that restated what Solomon had taught us from his wisdom. I mean, after all, we shouldn’t be surprised, right? There is nothing new under the sun.

In 1985 Springfield put out his 5th album, “Tao” since visiting Evansville in 1982. He described the inspiration for that 1985 album this way:

I was going through a major depression back then and had been for a few years. I was spiritually lost, and finding it hard to cope with everything that was going on. Even my success was causing me pain. I couldn't come to terms with earning so much money while others were struggling to find small change even to eat. It seemed so wrong, but what could I do about it? On top of that, I had real problems dealing with my father's death. It all meant that I was in such a mess, which is why the lyrics on the "Tao" album are definitely the darkest of my career.

I haven’t found a contemporary paragraph more packed with scenarios highlighted from our reading of Ecclesiastes. The truth of Solomon’s words came alongside everything Rick Springfield described about his life during that time. Hopefully, you and I have been given a great gift of wisdom to apply to our own lives as a result of what Ecclesiastes has taught us. The potential is certainly there for us to engage.



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