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Last week we were privileged to continue our study of Ecclesiastes and hear a solid message from Sam Lynn on the importance of companionship. This weekend we will continue the “Under the Sun” series and hear from Nathan Hazel. Nathan and Sam have both gleaned some personal perspectives from this book, and I am eager to have our congregation hear them. If you missed Sam’s message last weekend, please visit our MESSAGE PAGE and treat yourself to some very practical insights.

I have the opportunity to revisit Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend for the  25th Anniversary of what has become a mainstay of this particular race weekend for NASCAR. My wife and I, along with our oldest sons who were very little at the time, joined the children of our racing community at the starting line for a rounding rendition of “God Bless America.” This weekend will mark the 25th year that the children of drivers, owners, and crew will sing that song in front of a packed house just before the race begins. It is sure to be a moving experience for me, and I am grateful for the time away to attend.

Following Nathan’s message, I will return for the conclusion of “Under the Sun.” Be looking for our upcoming series that will coincide with the CFC@Home resource, “Faith Path.” Starting in September we will examine a plan we are offering to parents called the Faith Path with a sermon series titled “Walk the Path.” Although it's geared for parents, this guide is not exclusively for parents but for everyone desiring a guide for growing as a disciple of Jesus. I hope you are looking forward to the fall season and the wonderful activities going on in the life of our church. May we enter a great season of growth as followers of Jesus. For everything there is a time and season. May yours be blessed with a closer walk at the Savior’s side.

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