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It Doesn't Feel Like Vacation

Dale is on vacation this week, but as he stopped by CFC to get some boxes, he passed on some info for eNews.

Hello, my friends. I’m on vacation, but it doesn’t really feel like a vacation. We are finalizing the sale of our home, and I’ve been busy this week putting the final touches on that transition. My friend Sam Lynn will be bringing the message in Ecclesiastes this weekend, and Nathan Hazel will follow Sam for next week’s message. I will come back the following weekend to conclude the “Under the Sun” series.

Thank you all for your encouragement as I’ve prepared the messages. As you know I approached Ecclesiastes with some fear and trepidation, but the Lord has really used it in the lives of many. Hopefully you’ve been one of them. Much love, and I’ll see you soon.

Now back to the move. 

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