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Under the Sun

If you’ve been with us during the past few summers, we often take this time to explore a helpful dose of what we have in our Bibles called “Wisdom Literature.” Specifically, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, The Song of Solomon, and Job make up this particular section of Biblical literature. Oftentimes Psalms is paired with this section as well but not closely.

If we apply what we have learned from our recent sermon series, “Promises, Commands and Examples,” there is a rich contrast among all three of these elements among the Wisdom Literature. Because this section of scripture is deeply poetic in nature, we are forced to mine for those elements at times more strenuously than others, but they are there and very much worth our time.

This year we are taking our season of sunshine (and humidity!) to study an often overlooked book of the Bible—Ecclesiastes. Given to us by the Holy Spirit through His servant King Solomon, Ecclesiastes means “The Teacher.” What would you give for the wisest man in the Old Testament collection to be your teacher? Well, here you go. That what we are after is offered to us in a study of Ecclesiastes. 

Think of if this way, if the book of Proverbs gives us a collection wise sayings or principles for living wisely, Ecclesiastes gives us the exceptions to those general principles. We find that the Proverbs are often comforting through their correction and reassurance, Ecclesiastes not so much. In fact, Solomon the Teacher invites us to wrestle uncomfortable with life “under the sun” and the often deeply disappointing experience of living with the unpleasant business that God invites us to deal with.

Why would we do that? Because--we want to know God. We want to hear about just how far we’ve fallen from Eden, just how far God has journeyed, and how much He has paid to recover us from that fall. What we find, I believe, is an honest look at the ruins of our existence and the seeds of what is to come later through the gospel. It is also, I believe, a great platform from which to launch an evangelistic conversation with the inhabitants of this world who have yet to acknowledge the futility of their short lives apart from their Creator and Savior.

Join us as we take an honest look again at the reality of our circumstances in light of the reality of our Sovereign God.



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